A Lion Called Christian DVD - Out Now

The Enchanting Story of London's Coolest Cat

In 2008, YouTube.com featured a two-minute film clip that became an overnight phenomenon. It shows the remarkable, highly moving reunion of two men and their pet lion, Christian, after they had left him in Africa with Born Free's George Adamson, who would introduce him into his rightful home in the wild.

A Lion Called Christian is the full story behind the amazing clip. Originally published in 1971, this unique and extraordinary tale has now been fully revised and updated by the authors, with stunning photographs of Christian from cuddly cub in Chelsea to magnificent lion in Africa.

An edition for younger readers, entitled Christian the Lion, is also now available.

About the authors

Ace Bourke

Ace Bourke was born in Sydney in 1946. He has become one of Australia’s leading art curators, a pioneer in the field of Aboriginal art and a colonial art specialist, staging numerous critically acclaimed exhibitions. Ace hopes to immerse himself again in wildlife and conservation projects, to help address the world’s urgent environmental issues. He lives in Sydney with his two cats.

John Rendall

John Rendall is a sixth generation Australian, and currently divides his time between London and Sydney. John continues his commitment to the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust and is a member of the Royal Geographical Society in London. He has been involved in travel focused public relations, concentrating on conservation projects, lodges and reserves in Africa. John's three children share his passion for wildlife and conservation.

Visit Ace and John at www.alioncalledchristian.com.au